V3 to V4

This document will help you upgrade from antd 3.x version to antd 4.x version. If you are using 2.x or older version, please refer to the previous upgrade document to 3.x.

Upgrade preparation#

  1. Please upgrade to the latest version of 3.x first, and remove / modify related APIs according to the console warning message.

  2. Upgrade project React 16.12.0 or above.

Incompatible changes in v4#

Design specification#

  • Line height changes from 1.5(21px) to 1.5715(22px).

  • Darken font color from rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.65) to rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.85). 4.6.0

  • Basic rounded corner adjustment, changed from 4px to 2px.

  • Exchanged Selected and Hovered color.

  • Global shadow optimization, adjusted to three layers of shadows to distinguish control hierarchies.

  • Icon in the bubble confirmation box has been changed from a question mark to an exclamation mark.

  • The color of selected components is changed to @blue-1: #E6F7FF, and the corresponding hover color is changed to @gray-2: #FAFAFA.

  • The color of the error was adjusted from @red-5: #F5222D to@red-5: #FF4D4F.

  • The color brightness of the dividing line has been reduced from #E8E8E8 to#F0F0F0.

  • DatePicker interactive redo, range selection can now select start and end time separately.

  • Table change default background color from transparent to white.

  • Smaller Tabs bar width.

  • New Tabs interaction and dom structure is changed in 4.3.0.


  • The minimum supported version of IE is IE 11.

  • The minimum supported version of React is React 16.9, and some components have started to refactor using hooks.

    • Internal using useMemo for performance, do not use mutable data as props.

  • The minimum supported version of less.js is 3.1.0, we recommend using less 4.x.

Remove deprecated API#

  • LocaleProvider has been removed, please use ConfigProvider instead.

  • Mention removed, use Mentions instead.

  • Removed the iconType property of Alert. Please use icon instead.

  • Removed the iconType attribute of Modal.xxx. Please use icon instead.

  • Removed the Form.create method, form is now available in Form.useForm.

  • Removed the id attribute of Form.Item. Please use htmlFor instead.

  • The setContentRef property of Typography has been removed, please use ref instead.

  • Removed the allowEmpty property of TimePicker, please use allowClear instead.

  • Removed AfterClose attribute of Tag, please use OnClose instead.

  • Removed the noHovering property of Card, please use hoverable instead.

  • Removed the vertical property of Carousel. Please use dotPosition instead.

  • Removed wrapClassName property of Drawer, please use className instead.

  • Removed the autosize property of TextArea. Please use autoSize instead.

  • Removed the offset attribute of Affix. Please use offsetTop instead.

  • Removed the onSearchChange property of Transfer. Please use onSearch instead.

  • Removed the body attribute of Transfer. Please use children instead.

  • Removed the lazy attribute of Transfer, which did not really optimize the effect.

  • Removed combobox mode, please use AutoComplete instead.

  • Removed the rowSelection.hideDefaultSelections property of Table, please use SELECTION_ALL and SELECTION_INVERT in rowSelection.selections instead, Custom Selection.

  • Deprecated Button.Group, please use Space instead.

  • less variables were changed like DatePicker/TimePicker/Calendar related variables or @btn-padding-base, please check 3.x variables and 4.x variables for more details.

Icon upgrade#

In antd @ 3.9.0, we introduced the svg icon (Why use the svg icon?). The icon API using the string name cannot be loaded on demand, so the svg icon file is fully introduced, which greatly increases the size of the packaged product. In 4.0, we adjusted the icon usage API to support tree shaking, reducing the default package size of antd by about 150 KB (Gzipped).

Legacy Icon usage will be discarded:

import { Icon, Button } from 'antd';

const Demo = () => (
    <Icon type="smile" />
    <Button icon="smile" />

It will be imported on demand in v4:

  import { Button } from 'antd';

  // tree-shaking supported
- import { Icon } from 'antd';
+ import { SmileOutlined } from '@ant-design/icons';

  const Demo = () => (
-       <Icon type="smile" />
+       <SmileOutlined />
      <Button icon={<SmileOutlined />} />

  // or directly import
  import SmileOutlined from '@ant-design/icons/SmileOutlined';

You will still be able to continue using the compatibility pack:

import { Button } from 'antd';
import { Icon } from '@ant-design/compatible';

const Demo = () => (
    <Icon type="smile" />
    <Button icon="smile" />

Component refactoring#

  • Form rewrite.

    • No need to use Form.create.

    • Nest fields definition changes from 'xxx.yyy' to ['xxx', 'yyy'].

    • validateTrigger no long collect field value.

    • See here for migration documentation.

  • DatePicker rewrite

    • Provide the picker property for selector switching.

    • Range selection can now select start and end times individually.

    • onPanelChange will also trigger when panel value changed.

    • Date cell className of Custom style demo changed from ant-calendar-date to ant-picker-cell-inner.

  • Tree, Select, TreeSelect, AutoComplete rewrite

    • use virtual scrolling.

    • onBlur no longer trigger value change and return React origin event object instead.

      • If config validateTrigger as onBlur with compatible Form, please change to onChange instead.

    • AutoComplete no longer support optionLabelProp. Please set Option value directly.

    • AutoComplete options definition align with Select. Please use options instead of dataSource.

    • Select remove dropdownMenuStyle prop.

    • Use listHeight to config popup height instead of dropdownStyle.

    • filterOption return origin data with second params instead. No need to use option.props.children for matching.

    • Tree, TreeSelect will display label when title and label are both set. The adjustment is for aligning behavior with labelInValue. New behavior (show 'label' on first node). Old behavior (show 'title' on first node).

  • The Grid component uses flex layout.

  • Button's danger is now treated as a property instead of a button type.

  • Input, Select set value to undefined is uncontrolled mode now.

  • Table rewrite.

    • will keep at least one column even if columns is empty.

    • Nest dataIndex definition changes from 'xxx.yyy' to ['xxx', 'yyy'].

  • Pagination

    • will default set showSizeChanger to true since 4.1.0. This change also applied on Table component.

    • onChange will also trigger when pageSize value changed.

  • Tabs rewrite. (4.3.0)

    • Dom structrue is changed, please check style if you override tabs css.

    • onPrevClickonNextClick would be not working anymore since we improve tabs scroll behavior.

      title: 'Age',
-     dataIndex: 'user.age',
+     dataIndex: ['user', 'age'],

Start upgrading#

You can manually check the code one by one against the above list for modification. In addition, we also provide a codemod cli tool @ant-design/codemod-v4 To help you quickly upgrade to v4.

Before running codemod cli, please submit your local code changes.

# Run directly through npx
npx -p @ant-design/codemod-v4 antd4-codemod src

# Or global installation
# Use npm
npm i -g @ant-design/codemod-v4
# Use yarn
yarn global add @ant-design/codemod-v4

# Execute
antd4-codemod src

codemod running

For parts that cannot be modified automatically, codemod will prompt on the command line, and it is recommended to modify them manually as prompted. After modification, you can run the above command repeatedly to check.

contains an invalid icon

Note that codemod cannot cover all scenarios, and it is recommended to check for incompatible changes one by one.

Migration tool modification details#

@ant-design/codemod-v4 will help you migrate to antd v4. Obsolete components will be kept running through @ant-design/compatible. Generally, you don't need to migrate manually. The following sections detail the overall migration and changes.

Install compatible package#

Install @ant-design/compatible with v4-compatible-v3 tag:

npm install --save @ant-design/compatible@v4-compatible-v3

Import the obsolete Form and Mention components via @ant-design/compatible package#

- import { Form, Input, Button, Mention } from 'antd';
+ import { Form, Mention } from '@ant-design/compatible';
+ import '@ant-design/compatible/assets/index.css';
+ import { Input, Button } from 'antd';

  ReactDOM.render( (
        {getFieldDecorator('username')(<Input />)}
        style={{ width: "100%" }}
        defaultSuggestions={['afc163', 'benjycui']}

Note: Old Form imported from @ ant-design / compatible has change the class name from .ant-form to .ant-legacy-form. Need to be modified accordingly if override the style.

Replace component's string icon prop with the new @ant-design/icons#

  import { Avatar, Button, Result } from 'antd';
+ import { QuestionOutlined, UserOutlined } from '@ant-design/icons';

-     <Button type="primary" shape="circle" icon="search" />
+     <Button type="primary" shape="circle" icon={SearchOutlined} />
-     <Avatar shape="square" icon="user" />
+     <Avatar shape="square" icon={UserOutlined} />
-       icon="question"
+       icon={<QuestionOutlined />}
        title="Great, we have done all the operations!"
        extra={<Button type="primary">Next</Button>}

Replace v3 Icon with @ant-design/icons#

- import { Icon, Input } from 'antd';
+ import { Input } from 'antd';
+ import Icon, { CodeFilled, SmileOutlined, SmileTwoTone } from '@ant-design/icons';

  const HeartSvg = () => (
    <svg width="1em" height="1em" fill="currentColor" viewBox="0 0 1024 1024">
      <path d="M923 plapla..." />

  const HeartIcon = props => <Icon component={HeartSvg} {...props} />;

-     <Icon type="code" theme="filled" />
+     <CodeFilled />
-     <Icon type="smile" theme="twoTone" twoToneColor="#eb2f96" />
+     <SmileTwoTone twoToneColor="#eb2f96" />
-     <Icon type="code" theme={props.fill ? 'filled' : 'outlined'} />
+     <LegacyIcon type="code" theme={props.fill ? 'filled' : 'outlined'} />
      <HeartIcon />
      <Icon viewBox="0 0 24 24">
        <title>Cool Home</title>
        <path d="M10 20v-6h4v6h5v-8h3L12 3 2 12h3v8z" />
      <Input suffix={<SmileOutlined />} />

Replace v3 LocaleProvider with v4 ConfigProvider#

- import { LocaleProvider } from 'antd';
+ import { ConfigProvider } from 'antd';

-   <LocaleProvider {...yourConfig}>
+   <ConfigProvider {...yourConfig}>
      <Main />
-   </LocaleProvider>
+   </ConfigProvider>

Replace Modal.method() icon string with @ant-design/icons#

  import { Modal } from 'antd';
+ import { AntDesignOutlined } from '@ant-design/icons';

-  icon: 'ant-design',
+  icon: <AntDesignOutlined />,
   title: 'Do you Want to delete these items?',
   content: 'Some descriptions',
   onOk() {
   onCancel() {

Encounter problems#

v4 made a lot of detailed improvements and refactoring. We collected all known incompatible changes and related impacts as much as possible, but there may be some scenarios we have not considered. If you encounter problems during the upgrade, please go to GitHub issues and codemod Issues for feedback. We will respond and improve this document as soon as possible.

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