Here are the frequently asked questions about Ant Design and antd that you should look up before you ask in the community or create a new issue. We also maintain a FAQ issues label for common github issues.

Will you provide Sass/Stylus(etc.) style files in addition to the Less style files currently included?#

There is currently no plan to add support for Sass/Stylus(etc.) style files, but using tools on Google you can easily convert the provided Less files to your desired style format.

Is there a difference between undefined and null in the controlled components of antd?#

Yes. antd will treats undefined as uncontrolled but null as controlled components which means empty value of it.

As input element, React treats both undefined and null as uncontrolled. When the value is converted from a valid value to undefined or null, the component is no longer controlled, which causes some unexpected cases.

But in antd, undefined is treated as uncontrolled, and null is used as an explicit empty value of controlled components. To deal with some cases (e.g. allowClear) like clearing the value when the value is non-primitive. If you need a component controlled with the value valid, just set the value as null.

Note: For options in Select-like components, it is strongly recommended not to use undefined and null as value in option. Please use string | number as a valid value in option.

Can I use internal API which is not documented on the site?#

NOT RECOMMEND. Internal API is not guaranteed to be compatible with future versions. It may be removed or changed in some versions. If you really need to use it, you should to make sure these API is still valid when upgrading to a new version or just lock version for usage.

Select Dropdown DatePicker TimePicker Popover Popconfirm disappears when I click another popup component inside it. How do I resolve this?#

This is an old bug that has been fixed since v3.11.x. If you're using an older version, you can use <Select getPopupContainer={trigger => trigger.parentElement}> to render a component inside Popover. (Or other getXxxxContainer props)


Related issue: #3487 #3438

How do I prevent Select Dropdown DatePicker TimePicker Popover Popconfirm scrolling with the page?#

Use <Select getPopupContainer={trigger => trigger.parentElement}> (API reference) to render a component inside the scroll area. If you need to config this globally in your application, try <ConfigProvider getPopupContainer={trigger => trigger.parentElement}> (API reference)

And make sure that parentElement is position: relative or position: absolute.

Related issue: #3487 #3438

How do I modify the default theme of Ant Design?#

See: https://ant.design/docs/react/customize-theme .

How do I modify Menu/Button(etc.)'s style?#

While you can override a component's style, we don't recommend doing so. antd is not only a set of React components, but also a design specification as well.

How to avoid breaking change when update version?#

antd will avoid breaking change in minor & patch version. You can safe do follow things:

  • Official demo usage

  • FAQ suggestion. Including codesandbox sample, marked as FAQ issue

And which you should avoid to do:

  • Bug as feature. It will break in any other case (e.g. Use div as Tabs children)

  • Use magic code to realize requirement but which can be realized with normal API

How do I replace Moment.js with Day.js to reduce bundle size?#

Please refer to Replace Moment.js.

It doesn't work when I change defaultValue dynamically.#

The defaultXxxx (e.g. defaultValue) of Input/Select(etc...) only works on the first render. It is a specification of React. Please read React's documentation.

Why does modifying props in mutable way not trigger a component update?#

antd use shallow compare of props to optimize performance. You should always pass the new object when updating the state. Please ref React's document

After I set the value of an Input/Select(etc.) component, the value cannot be changed by user's action.#

Try onChange to change value, and please read React's documentation.

Components are not vertically aligned when placed in single row.#

Try Space component to make them aligned.

antd overrides my global styles#

Yes, antd is designed to help you develop a complete background application. To do so, we override some global styles for styling convenience, and currently these cannot be removed or changed. More info at https://github.com/ant-design/ant-design/issues/4331 .

Alternatively, follow the instructions in How to avoid modifying global styles?

I cannot install antd and antd's dependencies in mainland China.#

To potentially solve this, try npm mirror china and cnpm.

I set dependencies.antd as the git repository in package.json, but it doesn't work.#

Please install antd with either npm or yarn.

message and notification is lower case, but other components are capitalized. Is this a typo?#

No, message is just a function, not a React Component, thus it is not a typo that it is in lower case.

antd doesn't work well in mobile.#

Please check Ant Design Mobile as a possible solution, as antd has not been optimized to work well on mobile. You can also try the react-component repositories which start with 'm-' 'rn-', which are also designed for mobile.

Does antd supply standalone files like 'React'?#

Yes, you can import antd with script tag, but we recommend using npm to import antd, as it is simple and easy to maintain.

How do I extend antd's components?#

If you need some features which should not be included in antd, try to extend antd's component with HOC. more

How to get the definition which is not export?#

antd 会透出组件定义,但是随着重构可能导致内部一些定义命名或者属性变化。因而更推荐直接使用 Typescript 原生能力获取: antd will export mainly definitions, but not export internal definitions which may be rename or changed. So we recommend you to use Typescript's native ability to get the definition if needed:

import { Table } from 'antd';

type Props<T extends (...args: any) => any> = Parameters<T>[0];

type TableProps = Props<typeof Table<{ key: string; name: string; age: number }>>;
type DataSource = TableProps['dataSource'];

Please check whether import moment locale correctly.

import 'moment/locale/zh-cn';

Please check whether there is two version of moment installed.

npm ls moment

If you are using a mismatched version of moment with antd's moment in your project. That would be a problem cause locale not working.

How do I fix dynamic styles while using a Content Security Policy (CSP)?#

You can configure nonce by ConfigProvider.

When I set mode to DatePicker/RangePicker, why can I not select a year or month anymore?#

In a real world development, you may need a YearPicker, MonthRangePicker or WeekRangePicker. You are trying to add mode to DatePicker/RangePicker expected to implement those pickers. However, the DatePicker/RangePicker cannot be selected and the panels won't close now.

Like the explaination explains, this is because <DatePicker mode="year" /> does not equal the YearPicker, nor is <RangePicker mode="month" /> equal to MonthRangePicker. The mode property was added to support showing time picker panel in DatePicker in antd 3.0, which simply controls the displayed panel, and won't change the original date picking behavior of DatePicker/RangePicker (for instance you will still need to click date cell to finish selection in a DatePicker, whatever the mode is).

Likewise,disabledDate cannot work on year/month panels of <DatePicker mode="year/month" />, but only on cells of date panel.


You can refer to this article or this article, using mode and onPanelChange to encapsulate a YearPicker or MonthRangePicker for your needs.

Or you can simply upgrade to antd@4.0, in which we added more XxxPickers to meet those requirements, and disabledDate could be effect on those pickers too.

message/notification/Modal.confirm lost styles when set prefixCls on ConfigProvider?#

Static methods like message/notification/Modal.confirm are not using the same render tree as <Button />, but rendered to independent DOM node created by ReactDOM.render, which cannot access React context from ConfigProvider. Consider two solutions here:

  1. Replace original usages with message.useMessage, notification.useNotification and Modal.useModal.

  2. Use ConfigProvider.config to config prefixCls globally.

  prefixCls: 'ant',

Why shouldn't I use component internal props or state with ref?#

You should only access the API by official doc with ref. Directly access internal props or state is not recommended which will make your code strong coupling with current version. Any refactor will break your code like refactor with Hooks version, delete or rename internal props or state, adjust internal node constructor, etc.

Why we need align pop component with open prop?#

For historical reasons, the display names of the pop components are not uniform, and both open and visible are used. This makes the memory cost that non-tsx users encounter when developing. It also leads to ambiguity about what name to choose when adding a feature. So we want to unify the attribute name, you can still use the original visible and it will still be backward compatible, but we will remove this attribute from the documentation as of v5.

Setting the style variable '@line-height-base' caused a layout exception.#

Because @line-height-base is involved in the layout calculation of some components, only number units are supported. If 20px is passed, it will be interpreted as 20 for calculation, resulting in a layout exception.

Related issue: #39451

How to spell Ant Design correctly?#

  • Ant Design: Capitalized with space, for the design language.

  • antd: all lowercase, for the React UI library.

  • ant.design:For ant.design website url.

Here are some typical wrong examples:

  • ❌ AntD

  • ❌ antD

  • ❌ Antd

  • ❌ ant design

  • ❌ AntDesign

  • ❌ antdesign

  • ❌ Antdesign

Do you guys have any channel or website for submitting monetary donations, like through PayPal or Alipay?#